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Top 10 IT Companies in India

IT industry is majorly made of two parts- business process outsourcing and IT services. This sector contributed to GDP growth of India. Revenue from the IT sector is increasing day by day. Companies on IT plays a major role in economic growth. Here are the Top 10 IT companies in India who played a major role in the economy.Top 10 IT Companies in IndiaHCL Technologies Ltd.
HCL Technologies Ltd. was founded in 1976 by Shiv Nadar, and is headquartered in Noida, India. It is a multinational IT services company India. segment covers enterprise software services, infrastructure management services, and business process outsourcing services. HCL Technologies Ltd. offers a range of services including corporate transformation, engineering, remote infrastructure management, business process outsourcing, etc. It is among the top 10 IT companies in India. The company is a subsidiary of HCL Enterprise. It has offices in 44 countries including the United States, France and Germany, and the UK.
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Top 100 do follow backlinks websites list in indiaDofollow backlink passes the authority (link juice) from the referring website to the linked website. Crawlers count these links and their anchor texts. Therefore, dofollow backlinks directly influence your backlink profile because they send a signal to search engines what is the linked website about.The more backlink you get from the authoritative sites creates a positive effect on a site’s ranking and search visibility.List of High DA DoFollow Backlink Article Submission Sites…

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